The Incredible Health Benefits of Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Ever wondered why your body’s circadian rhythm varies with exposure to light and darkness? Studies have revealed that time, intensity, & wavelength of light affects the human biological clock. Like we need all the essential nutrients from food, similarly, light is also required for the proper functioning of our cells.

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Cannabidiol & Women’s Health 

Being a woman is not an easy job. Right from the nauseating period-pain to the agony of labor, a woman bears it all. Not just mothers, but at every age, women carry the inherited “superhuman” tag and rock at each role. This zealous lifestyle sometimes ripples our harmony and then we look for supplements to make our life a little bit easier. Scientific research suggests that cannabidiol is beneficial for a variety of women's health issues like menstrual cramps, anxiety, stress, and menopause.

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How to Raise a Child

His crystal hazel eyes were getting abashed with every blink of his dark-brown lashes. His infantile emotions were still too discontinuous to surface and a few obvious ones were getting lost in those creases of innocent expressions on his face. His brown silken hairs flounced a little with the blow of air from the door that waved the stillness of that room as his mother stepped out.

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The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes

He twisted to grab again the swinging ice axe that lingered around his waist. The clouds beneath him covered the deathly descent of that icy cliff. The hawkish disorderly winds had a lugged dust of snow. Its impact banged his fluttering body against the rigid ice. He looked like a bright yellow minuscule in contrast to the magnificent white acclivity around him.

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