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Hatha Yoga

The subtle art of balancing masculine and feminine energies within you.

Hatha yoga, in my opinion, is the perfect mechanism to synchronize your mind with your body. If you still haven’t considered implementing yoga to your fitness or lifestyle regime, you could be missing out more than you think!

Hatha yoga has the potential to have transformational effects on your life. When you practice Hatha yoga, you channel your energies to achieve a state of physical and mental equilibrium. It is the most popular form of yoga in today’s modern world. In short, any yoga pose that pairs your body movement with your breathing is a Hatha yoga practice. Ashtanga, Bikram, Jivamukti, and Power yoga are all part of Hatha yoga. In authentic Hatha yoga, breath plays a more important role than poses. The rhythmic breathing and holding pose for a longer period of time activate the energy chakras in our body to shift the flow of energy.

Hatha Yoga Is For Everyone

No matter who we are and what we do, it’s difficult to escape the weight of the world pressing down upon our shoulders. Most of us would have experienced burn-out at some point, depression, chronic pain or illnesses, and symptoms of fatigue. 

…then Hatha yoga will do wonders to you.   

Or you are someone who has managed your way out of everything I mentioned above and now you want to create more harmony and energy to bring balance and peace in your life. 

…then Hatha yoga will do wonders to you.  

Let’s put Hatha yoga’s psychological effects aside for a while and look at what it does to our bodies.

By combining the physical movements with breathing, Hatha yoga helps to strengthen the core of our body and improves our reflexes. The weight-bearing exercises and poses in Hatha yoga puts just enough stress on your bones and muscles to increase their density. Apart from that, Hatha yoga is an excellent method to keep our system running smoother with increased flexibility, improved circulation, and better digestion, to name a few.

Remember, it just takes a beginning. There’s a reason why people have been practicing yoga for thousands of years, for it actually works.  

Hope we see you hit the mat someday!