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Bylined Articles

How Does COVID-19 Compare to Past Pandemics?

Best Doctors Insurance International Magazine

Don’t Raise a Child; Raise Yourself as a Parent

Firstcry Parenting Magazine

The Unseen Dangers of Vaping

Our Health Community


Some More Articles

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center


MidSouth Pain Treatment Center

Causes & Risk Factors of Bulging Discs

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center

Website Content

I have created copies and content framework for numerous websites. 

Goal: To increase brand awareness and trustworthiness of businesses. 

Results: Improved SEO and increased brand reach.

Example shown: Coaching page of creativitycoach.niddhish.com

B2B Lead Generation Marketing Campaign

Wrote copies and provided directions on the landing page layout and design. Created copies for social media posts and ads.